Support Us

Jakes Farm Yard was founded in 2008 when we saved 1 Baby Duck from Drowning, She has been the light of mine and Jacks life since that day.
Since 2008 we wanted to help more and more Ducks. One step at a time we have been lead to look after and save Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Swans, Cats, Goats, Dogs and many more wonderful animals.

Since 2008 it turned not just about saving animals but we want to make the public aware of what is happening to many animals suffering and poor treatment.

We are purely funded by support and we are a non profit so any donations that are given to us is given for animal care only.

Donations cover Food, Water, Bedding, Housing, Medical bills etc.

Since 2008 we have started a campaign to stop the sale of animals in pet shop and private sellers.

We have also building awareness of animal testing and “animal charities” and the laws around animals used for food. We will have more information about this in our weekly news updates.