Sneek Peek at the Front of Jakes Farm Yard

Sneek Peek at the Front of Jakes Farm Yard- Before we move. We have been here for 5 years and we have built our first mini farm for all animals to call their own home. We will be moving very soon to our final home of 70 acres wood lands, we will update photos when […]

New Arrivals

New Arrivals Today

Today we had a very special delivery of Adult and Baby Silkes Chickens. Babies are indoors getting a lot of cuddles and are eating very well, around a large bowl every 3 hours between them. And Adults boys and girls outdoors safety in the run we are having a move around so they will be […]

Dumpling the Chicken Having a Little Drink

I love my animal Children so much, anytime i am feeling a bit low within in Seconds 1 of them will make me laugh and forget any problems you may have. I guess most people have this when they have pets,  my Chickens all have their own little character Dumpling came to us in our […]