Jakes Farm Yard Future Plans

In 2008 Jakes Farm Yard started with 1 brown duck, since than we have grown so much and made a big different in many animals life. We started with 1 chicken house and run and a green house. This house was built for our first 3 chickens, they did get to free range in the […]

Turkeys are not just for Christmas

Over the past 2 weeks we have welcome 42 Norfolk Black Turkeys to the Jakes Farm Yard Farm. About the new Turkeys All these Turkeys had been breed for Christmas day dinner over the past few years, in there very short lives they have been used for their¬†meat (ones that died for Christmas dinner) and […]

Blast from the past

jakesfarmyard Blast from the past mu first chickens ūüźĒ My first set of Chickens, on a Snow day and they refused to get out of there house. #raisingchickens#lovemychickens¬†#weirdchickens#fortheloveofpets#chickensofinstagram¬†#loveofmylife

Our Sweet JR

jakesfarmyard My sweet Jr duck having a lazy day on the sofa. #pets #duck #ducks #petsofinstagram#ducksofinstagram #duckling #ducky#duckie #petduck #ducklife#ducklover #ducklove #daffyduck#love #duvertday #sofa #sofaday#pet

Jakes Farm Yard – Eggs for sale

Jakes Farm Yard – Eggs for Sale. When you plan your life around your animals it takes a left turn and than a right turn and you end up with 200+ eggs aday. When i started “Jakes Farm Yard” it was by accident a little Brown Duckling needs a home, what you do not plan […]

Jakes Farm Yard News

Jakes Farm Yard Weekly News Weekly news updates on¬†JakesFarmYard.com¬†we are looking for the best and worst news on Animals news. We can get the information out to the people that care about Animals and want to help change animals life for the best. Jakes Farm Yard has a no kill policy and we believe all […]