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Welcome to Jakes Farm Yard

Welcome to Jakes Farm Yard We Love all Animals and we do our best to save all Animals.

Jakes Farm Yard Is a place where Animal can come to live out there life and enjoy the grassy hills and if very ill we will look after until the end, we have a no kill policy.

We love all animals but we are trained in looking after Chickens Ducks, Turkeys, and all birds. We have over 10 years of experience and training in animal care and we will always do everything we can to help all animals.

We offer membership which allows access to our training on caring for a wide range of birds inc Ducks and Chickens, the membership fees is £4.99 a month which includes the training and support, membership can be cancelled at anytime.

We also offer sponsorship starting from £1 a month for most of our very special Animals. We also offer Birthday Messages, Cards, Photos and videos on our shop page.

We run as a non profit so all the money is use for animal food, support, Vet bills and running on the farm yard etc. All the money that is given to Jakes Farm Yard is used for the Animals only.

About Us