Cockerals Fighting

Are your Cockerels Fighting?

Are your Cockerels Fighting? This is one of the hardest jobs, but when the Cockerels start fighting you need to remove them and place in a different area if you have more than 1 cockerel you need to check the below daily. * Small cockerels against bigger cockerels is a massive issue if they start […]

Wormy the laughing Chicken

Wormy the Little Chicken Laughing for the Camera

Wormy the Little Chicken Laughing for the Camera. Wormy our little Chicken came to us full of worms and was very unwell, she spent her last few months as an indoor Chicken being centre of attention with her sweet little laugh. She was first on the sofa when her human dad got home from work […]

Cleaning Day

I like to keep on top of my cleaning of the animals, i try to do daily cleaning removing anything that causes issues for my them i,e. flies,  waste food, old water including puddles. It can be hard work but abit a day when help keep the chores down. I do everything on my farm […]

Jakes farm yard new duck member Doughnut the Duck

New Member of the Duck Family

We have a wonderful member added to our Duck Family, her name is Doughnut, and she is very loud and full of energy. She is 2 year and 5 months old, she came from a good home, but the home she came from just could not keep her in a built up town anymore. Straight […]